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Rokel Bank: Exceeding Expectation

November 14, 2017 


The main thrust of indigenous banking is the ability of the sector to adapt and streamline its operations with emerging global trends. The general consensus is that optimal economic growth is only realistic and meaningful when the financial sector is innovative enough to compete and provide reliable services to the general population. Anything less can cause a palpable sense of dissatisfaction.  This, therefore, has been the force that is driving change in one of Sierra Leone’s biggest indigenous banks – the Rokel Commercial Bank.

The bank has heightened the rolling out of its reform programme with a plethora of activities and innovations across its branches nationwide. Consequently, the rebranding process has witnessed unprecedented increase in the profit margins of the branches – translating into steady overall growth of the institution.

The bank has commenced training on customer service ethics for its staff, in readiness for a potential expansion of its operations countrywide. Marketing activities have been escalated in Freetown and the regions. Last week, the resourceful Marketing Manager, Mariama Jajua was in Pujehun to entice potential clientele.

A completion on the upgrade of a state- of- the -art IT software will provide better online banking services by December this year. It has also been confirmed that the bank has the best rates for visa cards in Sierra Leone as well as real time SMS alerts. This has invariably improved public perception. Apparently, the rolling out of more reform programmes, following the arrival of a new Managing Director Dr. Dayo Gilpin, will invariably restore confidence among the banking populace.

Dr. GiIpin’s visionary approach and astute attention to detail is rocking the banking sector. An air of optimism among staff has become a welcome bonus for the bank’s enviable human resource. A very supportive management team could perhaps pass as a textbook example of how institutions can rapidly evolve when every member is determined to work hard and leave a solid legacy.  “…RCB is on a trajectory to excellence and nothing it seems can quench this hunger for excellence and progress…” said Dr. Gilpin.

Plans are afoot for an upsurge in capacity development for staff at the bank and the recent initiative to provide intensive customer service and business ethics training for all staff squarely points to a bulging desire to further create a solid workforce that would help make Rokel Bank the best in the sub-region. The charm offensive also reaches out to the much-valued customers through “meet and greet” sessions, the most recent was held last Friday for customers at the Wilkinson Road Branch. With an impressive geographical spread around the country, it is now evident that the bank is on a mission to restore its former glory.   This Sierra Leonean owned bank is about to reinvigorate the Banking Sector in Sierra Leone through this astute and visionary leadership of the new Managing Director and his fired up team at the bank.

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