RIAC urges MDAs to adhere to deadline


March 1, 2019

By Dusuba Koroma


Chairman of the Right to Access Information Commission (RIAC), DR Ibrahim Seaga Shaw, has emphasised that the March 1st,2019, deadline for public institutions to submit  their proactive publication scheme to the commission still stands.

He said the proactive publication scheme was consistent with the government’s call for enhanced transparency, accountability and good governance for all public authorities.

He said the commission held the view that the move would be a groundbreaking initiative that would herald a new dawn in governance in the country, adding that it intends to take advantage of political momentum to push forward an increased engagement for the enforcement of the RIAC.

He said the scheme emphasised the need for public institutions to be providing information to the public instead of waiting for request.

According   to the chairman, the scheme  sought to enhance transparency, accountability and good governance, promote efficiency of public authorities, public funds management at both national and local level and to ensure that public authorities  proactively make public information available  for consumption.

He pleaded  with  all Ministries, Departments and Agencies and other stakeholders to adhere to the deadline, stating that  every person has right to access information held by or is under the control of a public authority as stated in part 1 Section 2 of the Right to Access Information Act.