Revolutionary United Front Party (RUFP)


Winifred Hannah Koroma

January 29, 2018

‘Women can better handle the power steering for development’

RUFP Presidential Candidate, Jemba Gbandi Ngobeh, said women can better handle the power steering that would enhance development.

She expressed thanks and appreciation to NEC officers and assured them of maintaining the peace in the country.

She stated that she has demonstrated her leadership acumen long since while they were in the bush.

“I’m the only iron lady on earth. I have demonstrated that during the war. Despite the food I used to prepare for them in the bush, there are several other leadership skills I displayed. That is why they have reposed that confidence in me to lead them. Remember, I was the running mate in 2012 elections but we didn’t do much,” she said.

Ansumana M.P. Fowai is her running mate. He stated that their party has men and women that are well informed about the politics of the country.