Rev. Ben Margai, Dep. Agriculture Minister inducted into Universal Chaplain Corps


July 1, 2016 By Joseph S. Margai

The National Ministry Director of Light of the World Ministries, who also doubles as Chairman of the Margai Descendant Union, Rev. Ben Margai, together with Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Marie Jalloh, and Deputy Ambassador to the United States of America, Hon. Almamy Coleson Turay, have been decorated as members of the Universal Chaplain Corps and Rescue Mission.

The decoration ceremony took place at the British Council, Tower Hill, in Freetown, on Sunday, 26 June 2016. The theme of the ceremony was ‘Greenhouse project for rural economic livelihood and sustainable food security’.

Deputy National Vice President of the Universal Chaplain Corps and Rescue Mission (UCCRM), Col. Dr. Sylvester M. Rogers, said the UCCRM and the Association of West African Champlain was established in 2009 in the Federal Republic of Nigeria as a paramilitary chaplain organisation and was introduced in Sierra Leone in 2011. He added that it is duly registered with the Ministry of Social Welfare, Gender and Children’s Affairs and the Registrar General’s Department in the Republic of Sierra Leone.

“As an affiliate to the Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces (RSLAF), UCCRM plays an active role in empowerment, pastoral care and support, peace keeping and development of West African countries. We encourage our trained and commissioned chaplain officers in all aspects, helping them to optimise performance and embrace opportunity,” he said.

He said UCCRM had conducted series of activities, including professional chaplains training to the Chaplain Department of the military, awards to the Minister of Defense, Chief of Defense Staff and other deserving personnel of the RSLAF. He added that a second international award was bestowed on H.E. Dr. Ernest Koroma and the First Lady, Cabinet Ministers, military personnel and civil servants and also to highly placed business people and some deserving Chaplain personnel within the West African sub-region.

He disclosed that in 2013, Sierra Leone was awarded the most peaceful nation in West Africa.

“During the EVD outbreak, UCCRM/AWAC conducted trainings for the military at the Ministry of Defense and military churches. We distributed 45 IR thermometers to hospitals, the military and sister forces, educational institutions and churches. Some of our post EVD activities include anti-violence and anti-drug campaigns,” he said.

He added that in collaboration with international partners, they were about to implement an ambitious greenhouse vegetable project.

Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Marie Jalloh, making a statement in relation to the greenhouse vegetable project, said it would benefit the people of Sierra Leone greatly. She said that her ministry would support this project because it was in line with the aspiration of the minister to attain sustainable food security.

The deputy minister, who is also one of the overseers of one of the churches in Sierra Leone, expressed her appreciation to the UCCRM/AWAC for being decorated as one of their members.

Rev. Ben Margai said he was very happy to be a member of the Universal Champlain Corps and Rescue Mission. He noted that it was an indication that the UCCRM recognised the work of diligent servants of God in propagating the messages to the world.

Rev. Margai, who has established churches in almost all the regions in Sierra Leone, said he believes in the dissemination of the word of God and development of humanity.

“I have been contributing to education by constructing schools and employing teachers around the country. This is my contribution to humanity in pursuance to what God wants,” he said.

Rev. Margai, who is also Chairman for the Churches Together for Christ and Coordinator of Prayer Partners Sierra Leone, disclosed he had established 22 schools and 23 churches.