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Resource app for Sierra Leone, African countries

By Olusegun Ogundeji

Following the successful launch of its SaloneApp, a Locality Resource App meant to serve Sierra Leoneans at home and in the Diaspora as well as any interested persons who may want to know more about the country, Texas-based Songhai Technologies plans to release similar versions in larger markets of Nigeria and South Africa.

The first comprehensive smartphone app for Sierra Leone will serve as a gateway to the internet via smartphones and tablets for everything Sierra Leone with links to news, tourism information, educational tools for students and other resources available on the internet including entertainment for anyone with links to African movies such as from Nollywood and music.

“Our company, Songhai Technologies, is working on locality apps for not only Sierra Leone, Nigeria and South Africa but every country on the continent and beyond,” says the founder/CEO of the tech startup company, Leslie Koroma. “It will take some time to roll out that many apps but the purpose is to provide citizens of most African nations who have for the best part adopted mobile technology as a way of life to be given the right tools to enjoy the experience of the internet with a flavor of their own country through the links that we will have

in each individual app.”

Koroma, who has 18 years of technology experience and has worked with COMPAQ Computer Corporation, added that his company chose to roll out similar apps in various African countries to allow users not to be caught up with wrestling with their phone browsers in search of information while on the go because of the cluttered information they have to sieve through by searching endlessly through various portals on the internet hence the need for a resource app with a touch and go system on their phones with access to the most obvious resources.

“Cell phones and mobile computing are a God sent for Africa,” Koroma stated. “The continent has embraced cell phones and mobile technology like no other. In fact, it has been dubbed the Mobile Continent as it currently leads the world in the adoption of mobile phones and tablets numbering at over 800 million phones for its billion people. So it is only natural that with such a high proliferation of mobile technology, the tools that go hand in hand with such technology should come next.

Apps are the biggest thing going for smartphones around the world. They make it easy for users of phones and tablets to interact with the Internet through simple touch and go. However, with so many apps out there, it becomes daunting to download multiple one dimensional apps on your phone that will clutter and inundate your phone, so we at Songhai Technologies Inc feel that combining and incorporating various functionalities and links will give users a one stop source app through which they can get most of what they need.”

The NigeriaApp is expected go live this month (May) while the South African version will follow in few weeks after NigeriaApp. Other countries would be determined later according to the company’s plan to make the app be a daily companion for every citizen and visitor to each country “to use in their everyday life for a variety of purposes.

Mobile technology is here to stay and it will only become bigger and better and what we offer now will help in a long way to determine the direction that technology will take in Africa especially in national development.”

Songhai Technologies Inc was named after the famed great West African empire and registered in Texas USA in April of 2013. It has since been in the lab designing process and working on the layout and focus of the app to make it very relevant to the lives of people.

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