Residents call for Kroo Bay’s 300 Pigs to be put in piggeries


By Samuel Ben Turay

Residents of one of Freetown’s biggest slums, Kroo Bay, have called on government and the municipal council to reign in on owners of stray pigs in the community. There is an estimated three hundred (300) plus pigs living among thousands of its human inhabitants.

The slum is renowned for its shack houses built on the edge of Atlantic Ocean, bereft of basic sanitary conditions, and as a result susceptible to outbreak of diseases, such as cholera and diarrhea, especially during the rainy season.

According to Saidu Turay, a slum resident, the community faces risk of serious outbreak of diseases due to the presence of the marauding pigs that could be seen snorting around and scavenging for food in smelly gutters which run through the slum and empties into the sea.

Turay says residents who raise the pigs do not construct pens to keep them within, but instead let them loose in the community.

“The animals are not in control, they roam around the entire community and the worst part of it all is our children play with them,” said Turay.

Kroo Bay has a high risk of diseases, especially malaria, diarrhea, pneumonia, and bronchitis and other respiratory infections, worm infestations, scabies, partly blamed on the presence of the pigs and the fact that it has one of the worst sanitary conditions in the world.