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Renowned World physicist introduces new educational technologies for schools and colleges

September 26, 2019

By Regina Pratt


World renowned physicist, educator and author, Dr. Ashley Deans, has held a one-day interactive session at the Hotel Bamoi for educational stakeholders.

The aim of the session was to introduce a new educational technology for schools and colleges with the view to achieving academic excellence.

Speaking to the stakeholders, Dr. Deans said he would offer the Consciousness-Based Education for pupils and students including other people in the new system of education that promotes the full development of mental potential and serves as a simple solution to achieving free quality education in Sierra Leone.

“Consciousness-Based Education (CBE) is a non-sectarian program easily integrated into any public or private school,” he said, noting that it would not only awakens the full creative potential and inner happiness of every student and teacher, but would also eliminate stress, and enlivens total brain functioning.

He said the key technology of Consciousness-Based Education is the Transcendental Meditation program-an easy to learn, enjoyable to practice and scientifically verified mental technique that allows the mind to relax in order to develop its full potential.

He noted that when implemented within schools, individual teachers and students would not only flourish, but also the entire school atmosphere becomes harmonious, happy, safe, and conducive for learning.

Dr. Deans further said the Transcendental Meditation program is a new future for education and developing the total creative potentials of every student.

He added that what was missing in the knowledge of these students is a very inspiring concept which is stress and very bad for them.

“Stress is a worldwide disease,” he said, noting that when education is not complete, it is stressful and that the most effective way to reduce stress is by implementing the Transcendental Meditation Technique.

Dr. Deans said the interdisciplinary foundation to education is to know the unified field, adding that the Transcendental Meditation program is not a religion or religious practice.

“Unique importance of the Transcendental Meditation technique is that most education focuses primarily on what students study, without systematically developing the qualities of the student for not only success in school, but also for success in life, alertness, intelligence, creative thinking, confidence, inner calm, motivation, good judgment and happiness,” he added.

He said some of the benefits relevant to students include, greater use of latent reserves of the brain, improved academic achievement, increased creativity, increased in fluid intelligence and improved moral reasoning

He said in order to reduce stress and anxiety, they must decrease alcohol and drug use, increased self-esteem, improved general health, increased tolerance and appreciation, and increased in field independence which is not easily influenced by others.

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