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ReNIP Pushing for ‘Government of Unity’

November 8, 2021

The Republic National Independent Party (ReNIP) is gradually taking the political space as a responsible opposition by proffering and submitting solutions to the government on how they can lead Sierra Leoneans to a better future and how to avoid political violence.

Speaking to Guardian Post over the weekend Beresford urged Parliamentarians and Civil Society Organizations to think about Sierra Leone and not to allow selfish or egoistic approaches to deter them from speaking for the voiceless.

The Leader and Chairman of ReNIP have been very vociferous in the past few years, months and weeks urging the Bio administration to work within the line of his manifesto and opening the space to the opposition parties to constructive and productive criticism for the betterment of Sierra Leoneans and the standards of living.

According to Beresford Victor Williams, the Sierra Leone Peoples Party will not succeed as a government if they failed to open the space to opposition parties in the country which is the bedrock of any democratic country in the world. ReNIP is looking to create a purely democratic society for the citizens to be inclusive after any party five years mandate is over to step down and to allow a unity government to run the country until the general election.

Beresford Victor Williams explained that the ruling party and the main opposition will not participate in the unity government to avoid any political violence and to make Sierra Leone more democratic in the world during the election.

“The Bio’s administration will not succeed as a government if they failed to co-exist with the opposition.” He said. “The opposition parties are government in waiting,” he stressed, “the government should make it a point of duty to engage us on a regular and timely basis as and when the need arises.” He reiterated.

However, Chairman Beresford raise other significant important points where he openly challenged the government through the Attorney General and Minister of Justice and Members of Parliament to legislate a law or a private member notion which will supervise the conduct of general elections after every 5years as stated in the country’s constitution, where a Unity Government will be in place excluding the ruling party and the main opposition after the 5-year mandate. On behalf of ReNIP and the country, Beresford said he is willing to allow the presidential term to be extended to 3 terms provided that the ruling party retired after 5 years mandate to allow a peaceful election via a unity government. 

“Am calling on our Parliamentarians, Civil Society Organizations, Political Parties to have a government of unity which should be a political, neutral, unbiased, traits unblemished Sierra Leoneans that should take the country into general elections.” He said. “This will save the country from the several political bullying from ruling government officials who have been using their political prowess to intimidate, frightened, bully, coerce and threaten opposition parties in the country.

“If they really love and care for the people that voted them into office, they should yield to the call of the electorates who voted for them as President and Parliamentarians.” He reiterates.

Beresford further confesses that the reason for the so many fiasco and confusion during the electioneering process which have led to the death of peaceful Sierra Leoneans and due to the financial prowess of the ruling government is using state resources to woo votes at against opposition parties will stop forthwith when the ‘Government of Unity will have formed.

“This should stop,” he explains, “I am calling on like-minded Parliamentarians to come up with a member notion bill which will put an end to the several elections violence in the country.” He reveals.

“It will deescalate the countless elections violence in the country and will also help the country to grow maturely in terms of electioneering participating in Africa.

According to Beresford, Sierra Leone as a country have classic and impeccable characters of individuals who can usher the country into a peaceable election when the needs arise.

 “Other Africa countries will definitely follow our footsteps which will be a novelty in the continent and the world.” He assured.

The Chairman and Leader pointed to the various leaders in parliament including the Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP), the All Peoples Congress (APC),  the Coalition for Change (C4C), the National Grand Coalition (NGC) and all the Independent Members of Parliament to

“There are lots of progressive Members of Parliament who will absolutely agree with my submission,” he reveals. “This is not about SLPP, APC, NGC or C4C; this is about Sierra Leone and how we can position our democratic values to other countries.” He reveals.

‘Let think about the bigger picture, let think about the future of our youths who are intoxicated with all sorts of drugs in the streets, we need to start somewhere as a nation for the future of Sierra Leoneans this is not party colours, let be a political and put the green, white and blue as a generation yet unborn.

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