Regulation on marketing breast milk substitute enacted


July 23, 2021

By Jariatu S. Jusu

Members of Parliament have debated and enacted the Breast Milk Substitute Act,2021, with some amendments.

The Act will regulate the marketing and sales processes of break milk substitutes in the country.

 It could be recalled that over a decade now, FOCUS 1000 and its partners have been advocating to the government for the country to have a law that will regulate the sale and marketing of infant formula.

The Act seeks to provide for safe and adequate nutrition for infants and young children by promoting safe breastfeeding and regulating the marketing of breast-milk substitutes and to provide for other related matters.

The bill was sent to the Legislative Committee for thorough scrutiny and for the input of safer measures that will make sure the breast milk substitutes better and safer for new born babies.

Acting Chairman of the Legislative Committee in Parliament, Hon. Ishmail Sama Sandy, presented a detailed report on the said Bill in respect of certain amendments. 

He said some of the amendments made were inclusive of titles, sections, contents, clauses, administrative structures, committee in charge, functions, definitions, powers, offences, and market regulating strategies, among others. 

He further informed the House that the proposed amendments were reflective of the Legislative, Agriculture, and Health Committees, together with contributions of experts from the Ministry of Health and Sanitation. 

Leader of Government Business, Hon. Mathew Sahr Nyuma, commended FOCUS 1000 for their contributions towards the passage of such an important bill into law for safe breastfeeding and regulating breast milk substitutes for the growth of infants and young children across Sierra Leone.