Refusal to pay end of service benefit…


Native Consortium sues Kings Production, Tiwai Memory

July 23, 2020

By Ibrahim Kabba Turay

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Edmond Abu. Executive Director, Native Consortium

Native Consortium and Research Centre-a leading guardian of economic justice and human rights, has sued Kings Production and Tiwai Memory Masters after they refused to pay their employees end of service benefit and 5% increase in salary per annum.

Executive Director of the Consortium, Edmond Abu told pressmen yesterday that Tiwai Memory Masters has failed to pay redundant benefit to Yvette Davies and five others that have served the company for some 20 years.

Similarly, the Consortium has also filed a case against Kings Production for the recovery of one billion, nine hundred and twenty six million, six hundred and twenty thousand one hundred and ninety one Leones (Le. 1,926,620,191) being overtime payment and 5% increase in salary per annum due seventy redundant workers.

The Consortium would also pray to the court for interest to be paid on the said sum pursuant to Section 4 of the Law Reform Act, Cap 19 of the Laws of Sierra Leone, and damages for breach of contract. 

The Executive Director of the Consortiums said irrespective of the several correspondences between them and the companies, there has been an undue delay on the part of the companies to respond, which their client have considered as unwillingness to pay them their benefits.

He said their intervention with the legal team has however settled some payments of redundancy benefits, but that the companies have failed to follow the laid down procedures in the bargaining agreement for the calculation of overtime payment and 5% increase in Salary per annum.

“Kings Production has resorted to giving out unexplained pittance. The Native Consortium as an economic right campaigner considers this as falling short of the entitlement as claimed,” a press statement from the consortium states.

He noted that Kings Production also caused the poor employees to sign a document entitled discharge declaration form without knowing its contents, thus noting that their client signed unexplained money called other payments which fell short of the claim herein.

Edmond Abu also said the consortium has hired the services of an expert Labour officer to calculate the overtime payment and the 5% increase in salary arrears per annum, and that the legal team has made several steps since April, but Kings Production has been very ‘recalcitrant, defiant, and has refused to pay and neglected to pay the 70 employees.