Reforms at Connaught Hospital

Care Manger, Dr. Mark Kapuwa

By Ibrahim Kabba Turay

The main government referral hospital in Sierra Leone, Connaught Hospital, is presently underdoing a massive transformation process under the leadership of the new Care Manger, Dr. Mark Kapuwa.

Over the last couple of years, the hospital was an eye sore not just to its patients but to its visitors as well, with untidiness coupled with the absence of basic medical equipment.

Having took over from his predecessor, Dr Mustapha Kabba, the new Care Manager is currently working on upgrading infrastructure, increase in access to professional doctors, medical equipment, and expansion of the beds system for patients, as well as nurses capacity building.

Speaking in an executive interview with Concord Times, Care Manger, Dr. Mark Kapuwa, said the hospital is currently operating under management structure.

 “We have the welfare committee, the development committee, general purpose committee and the finance committee. All of these committees are initiatives we used to making sure that the hospital run on a daily basis,” he said.

He said despite Connaught Hospital is the largest hospital in the country, but that it accommodates only 300 patients, adding that a number of patients come all across the country to seek medical care at the hospital.

He cited that some of the patients who visit the facility are destitute who cannot afford to pay their medical bills, and that in most cases the hospital management has to make sure that patients get their services despite not coming with money.

He said they were constrained with finance to enable them buy the needed equipment for the facility.

 “As we all know this is a government hospital, we get our resources from the government and that is a little bit challenging. That is why the hospital is also depending on internally generated revenue,” Dr. Kapuwa.

He said despite the challenges, they have been able to do a lot to achieve customer satisfaction, adding that they have established a feedback mechanism for patients to send in their complaints.

He also cited the suggestion box which is placed at the out-patients department for any concern or request, stating that individuals can just drop his or her concern that the hospital can respond to that concern with immediate effect.

He said in the area of sanity and cleanliness, they have ensured the hospital compound and the wards are clean at all times.

“I want Connaught to be an excellent modern hospital in the country,” he said.

He said they were training staff about their attitude towards patients because they normally receive complaints from patients about the attitude of some staff.

“We are introducing an electronic medical record system for all patients that will be admitted at the Connaught hospital,” he disclosed.


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