RC Bank customers applaud management for better services


By Emmanuel Sesay

The Rokel Commercial Bank is set to unleash what could go down in history as the biggest spread of Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) across the country. With 15 already installed in branches and other designated areas, 20 more will soon be added into what would become the biggest ATM distribution in Sierra Leone’s modern banking history. 

In September this year, the Rokel Commercial Bank made a statement of intent. The bank’s quest to become Sierra Leone’s most forward- looking financial institution was expressly demonstrated with the launch of upscaled, user-friendly and highly securitized Electronic Banking (E- Banking) products and services.

The launch, attended by  prominent actors in the financial industry including the Ministry of Finance and the Bank of Sierra Leone was equally, a statement that further lend credence to the all-two- familiar narrative that the bank’s management, headed by a seasoned finance and economic expert, Dr Walton Ekundayo Gilpin has not wavered in its ambition to promote financial inclusion – a government  commitment for the country’s attainment of Middle Income Status by 2035. Apparently, this resonates well with President Julius Maada Bio’s call for a sound financial management system in Sierra Leone. The grand launch  was also testament to RCBank’s level of consistency in maintaining an upward growth trajectory as shown by yearly bigger profit margins and impressive prudential statistics.

The products and services unveiled at the E-Banking launch like the enhanced and securitized Prepaid Card, Visa Card, Proprietary/Local Card, Cardless Transaction on ATM, ATM Terminals and Money Transfer platforms like Moneygram, Western Union and Ria, have become a instant hits in the financial market with customers sharing appetizing testimonies barely two months after they were launched. In fact, the cards are so exceptional that the Bank intends to roll them out to other institutions.

The Rokel Commercial Bank prepaid cards and visa cards are certainly not your usual banking transaction card. According to a customer who has utilized a Rokel Bank prepaid card;

“These cards are on a whole new different level. Aside from the feel good element in using them as a customer, I feel my transaction is now far more smoother and secured than any other card I have used from another bank…..I am filled with pride and enjoy each time I use the card because not too long ago, some of these things are simply not available in our indigenous banks….”

49 year old Kainde Mary Sesay, a petty trader in Freetown said other cardless transaction products like the the Rokel Sim Korpor application now  holds a special place in her heart as she can directly deal with customers whether they are RCbank account holders or not.

“Nowadays, I do not have to worry about having to worry about being paid in cash as my customers and I can easily transact business using the Rokel Commercial Bank Simkopor app….it has made life a lot easier and I have started seeing growth in my business…” she said.

According to many observers, the bank’s recent exploits holds greater promise for customer satisfaction, its growth and overall contribution to the economy. Indeed, this  new flavor of RCBank under the sound professional counsel of Dr Gilpin, has made us proud as Sierra Leoneans – to see one of our local institutions growing with such finesse.



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