Ever since QNET was incorporated in Hong Kong as a business enterprise some 25 years ago, the most spurious lie and misconception peddled against QNET is that the organization is engaged in overseas travelling. 

That narrative is deceitfully parroted by detractors and impersonators, aimed at using the name of the organization for selfish gains and thinking that they are derailing the efforts or tarnishing the name of a worldwide renowned and legitimate business. 

Contrary to the wishes of unscrupulous detractors, it should be categorically stated that QNET does not engage in any overseas travelling whatsoever and does not facilitate the travelling of Sierra Leoneans to overseas.

Most relevant to Sierra Leone at this point is clearing the misconceptions and setting the records straight, given the fact that QNET does not offer any products related to “travel assistance with immigration services, or even overseas jobs in exchange for payment” of any kind.

Additionally, QNET has nothing to do with travel assistance for immigration, visas, and overseas job offers in exchange for payment. The abundant availability of travelling programmes to the Middle East for work has led to a mad rush of people showing interest and unsuspectingly, they are consequently swindled by fake and deceitful agents posing as legitimate business people.

It should be emphatically stated that these people are not part of the QNET business network and anyone caught using the name of the organization to conduct dishonest and deceitful business with members of the public must be dealt with in accordance with the provisions of the laws of Sierra Leone. 

Mel Adjoussou, Esq, Qnet Regional Counsel for Sub-Saharan Africa QNET has similarly stated that those fraudsters who want to spoil the hard-earned image of QNET as a legal, trusted and legitimate business must be apprehended by the police and charged to court for fraudulent conversion.

For assurance purposes, he asserted that if anyone has encountered fraudulent activities being carried out in the name of QNET, that person must contact QNET immediately at africa.supportcentre@qnet.net.

Lawyer Adjoussou reveals that QNET adopted a business model that combines the two principles of major industries which involve E-Commerce and the direct selling of products, as according to him, any individual who chooses to purchase the product will have the opportunity to become an Independent Representative(IRs).

The IRs he furthered, would earn commissions from the sale of the products which must be in line with compensation plans and went on to note that QNET normally conducts business by way of Licensing agreements through a local representative serving as an agent.

“We have been shipping products to Sierra Leone and a few years ago some Sierra Leoneans decided to become distributors or independent representatives of QNET products. They earned commissions on the products sold at the end of the day”, he discloses. 

It should be noted that QNET actively enforces strict regulations/policies that IRs must comply with in their day-to-day operations when marketing QNET products. To guarantee the legitimacy of business transactions IRs must be legally entitled to work in their country of residence and must conduct their business dealing in accordance with all local laws and regulations. 

QNET does not encourage cross-border movements and IRs are made to commit to QNET’s Policies and Procedures which govern their ethical behaviour while marketing its products. IRs are trained on QNET’s ethics and professionalism periodically.

To manage the expectations of prospective people interested in QNET business, it is important to note that direct selling is not a get-rich-quick scheme. QNET makes it very clear on its website www.qnet.net and all its marketing materials that the QNET Business Opportunity does not guarantee any income and results are commensurate with the effort put in by the IR. 

That notwithstanding, in the last 25 years, hundreds of thousands of people around the world have benefited from QNET products and services and have been empowered to become entrepreneurs using direct selling business opportunities. 

The company offers diversified business varieties. QNET offers products in the form of Holidays, Wellness, Watches & Jewellery, Home & Living, Education, Health, Personal Care & Beauty and Technology product categories. At the moment, QNET can boast of product sales in more than 100 countries and is actively present in more than 25 countries through offices and agencies.

QNET is a socially-responsible company and through its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) arm, RYTHM (Raise Yourself to Help Mankind), it has implemented many empowering and life-changing social responsibility projects and activities across the West African sub-region.

QNET keeps supporting a social intervention that helps provide education to young deaf and blind children through sports and social inclusion activities. When Covid-19 hit hard, QNET provided personal protective equipment to hospitals and security agencies and supplied needy households with food items and essentials. QNET has been the official direct selling partner of the Confederation of African Football (CAF) club competitions on the African continent since 2018. QNET is also the Direct Selling partner of Manchester City Football Club.


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