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QCELL on rapid network expansion

By Hassan G. Koroma 

Qcell, one of the leading and reliable telecommunication companies in Sierra Leone has embarked on a rapid network coverage expansion across the country.

Since inception, QCell has been competing in a very healthy manner and the company is also bringing effective telecommunications network systems to every corner of Sierra Leone.

QCell has taken giant steps by expanding their coverage and increased their corporate social responsibilities far and wide within the shortest possible time.

As part of its phase 3 expansion project, QCell is installing 150 new stations across the country within some strategic areas that were formerly no go and no texting areas.  

It could be recalled that, QCell was the first operator within the shortest possible time that expanded its network rapidly. QCell is the first to reach areas like Mafonda, Fayome Wonde, Mamasonka  where telecommunication in Sierra Leone was not available.

It must be noted that for Qcell SL, telecommunication is a service everybody must have access to, and the more reason the company is busy expanding its network coverage to other parts of the country in order to enable subscribers including business people, to communicate effectively and conveniently from wherever they are in Sierra Leone.

According to consumers, QCell is the fastest growing network in Sierra Leone and has covered more areas within the shortest possible time than any other network, with more areas coming soon.

They have taken the lead in 16 main areas in the country – as they are the leading mobile network in Bonthe District where they have covered the highland.

They have also covered places like Segbwema, Moyamba, outskirts of Kenema, Kamawkwei, Kono, Kabala, Lungi, Kambia, Port Loko, Lunsar, Makeni, Bo, Kailahun and Zimi in Pujehun District.

All those areas are using 4G LTE network and throughout Sierra Leone, QCell offers the cheapest local and international call rates, SMS and internet tariff.

Many Sierra Leoneans are overwhelmed with joy to know that QCell has expanded its network to the four corners of Sierra Leone, a ‘kombra network’ like QCell still stands with the people by offering network services to every Sierra Leonean as well as the cheapest network services that can be acquired by everyone.

QCell is the very first mobile company to conduct a soft launch by offering services not only in the capital city Freetown but also provincial headquarter towns with 4G mobile internet service as well as enhanced voice and SMS services.

Currently, QCell has recorded over three million subscribers nationwide, with more customers registering with the network in order to quickly catch up with quality telecommunication and internet service provisions.

In the area of CSR, QCell SL is as well making a steady progress in trying to reach wider communities with needful support in the areas of health as it did in the fight against the Covid19 pandemic, supported Sierra Leone Police personnel at Mile 38 with necessary amenities among host of others. QCell boasts the cheapest and most reliable network in the country.

This mobile network is of the view that communication is a necessity and not a luxury, and that therefore they will ensure they provide Sierra Leoneans with best networking services possible to positively impact the communication system in the nation.

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