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PZ, Abacha Street traders pledge non-violence during elections

January 25, 2018 By Hassan Gbassay Koroma

Side-by-side: the posters of both APC AND SLPP presidential aspirants at PZ

Traders around PZ and Sani Abacha Street have in an exclusive interview with Concord Times promised to promote non-violence messages in the lead up to the March 7 elections.

One of the traders, Alhaji Mohamed Turay, told Concord Times that there is no justification for people to fight one another in the name of political parties or politics.

“Before the elections, we are going about our business peacefully and I believe after the elections we will still be around doing the same business. So, I see no reason why we should allow politics to separate us,” he said.

He added that they have agreed that everybody should support his or her political party without any hindrance and that nobody should attack anybody or destroy any political banner.

Mamusu Koroma at Abacha Street promised that they will not allow politicians to destroy the relationship they have forged among themselves over the years, and that they will resist any form of political violence during the elections.

According to Mamusu, the public holds a negative perception about traders occupying Abacha Street because they perceive it is a trouble hotspot, noting that this time around they will prove to Sierra Leoneans and the entire world that they are peaceful citizens.

Also, Morlai Sesay says their eyes are now open and that they will ignore any politician that will attempt to offer alcohol and other harmful drugs to them.

“Having the banners of the All People’s Congress and the Sierra Leone People’s Party standing in one place show that both PZ and Sani Abacha Street traders are politically violence-free,” he said.

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