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Priority Solutions outperforms itself by producing Salone’s best corporate event

June 1, 2021

Sierra Leone’s leading events management and multimedia company, Priority Solutions has made a significant mark with the launch of Orange Sierra Leone’s 4G+. the company put together a stellar event that left attendees amazed.

The theme of the 4G+ is super heroes. To reflect this during the launch the company made super hero costumes with a shield designed from locally sourced raffia plant, painted green, white and blue.

Guests were greeted by super heroes and were given super hero capes and shields as souvenirs.

Super hero cut outs were also placed from the outside to different locations in the hall. Sierra Leonean heroes like Baibureh and Ella Koblo Golama were also among the cutouts.

Guest were amazed from the entrance with the entrance designed with fluorescent bulbs embedded in boxes lighting up the red carpet leading up to the main floor of the event.

The performing acts were perfectly synced throughout the event, from comedy, dance to traditional performance by the country’s only female folk singer, Fantacee and climaxed by the rap duo Krack Twist and Samza to open the after party.

But it was the launch of the 4G+ by three super heroes that climaxed the whole event an even amazed people the more. Three super heroes representing speed, invisibility and power were airlifted from back stage and dropped on the main stage with confetti blown and good score as a backdrop to seal a perfectly choreographed event.

After the launch, Chief Executive Officer of Orange Sierra Leone Aminata Kane Ndiaye couldn’t hide her excitement about the turnout of the event.

“This will go down as the best event in Sierra Leone ever. I was so amazed by what you have accomplished. There are people who travelled from US to witness this program, when they came, they were so impressed. I am so grateful to you all, thank you very much,” she told staff of Priority Solutions after the event.

Chief Executive Officer of Priority Solutions, Sebastian Buer Okutu said it took the company four weeks on “main event execution planning.”

Speaking about the accomplishment of the company, he said: “It feels great to delight our clients and guests of the event with mind blowing performances.”

Global Content Manager at Priority Solutions who also led the production of the program on the floor, Onukpa Palm said the program was successful because of the creative freedom the crew had.

“It all came down to how wild we let our imaginations run. We wanted something that that has never been seen in Sierra Leone and therefore we had to plan to every detail,” Onukpa said.

“Even every footstep at the location was planned,” he added.

Head of Events at the company, Samuel Kamara said this was down to the company’s experience over the last decade about planning big events.“The logistical challenge was huge but we were calm, because this is not the first time we have done this, we have been doing this for over 12 years now. We wanted to give our clients the very best and I am happy we were able to accomplish that,” Kamara said.

Priority Solutions is the leading marketing, communications and events planning agency in Sierra Leone, the company has a reputable record of delivery and an enviable list of clients that it has worked for over the years.

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