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President Koroma supports NCD in promoting good governance

August 21, 2015 

In a recent State House engagement, President Ernest Bai Koroma has assured of additional government support to the work of the National Commission for Democracy (NCD). The occasion was the submission of the annual reports of NCD for 2013 and 2014, and the first ever “Good Governance Magazine” to the president.

In his post-submission response, President Koroma commended the chairman and staff of NCD for the timely submission of the annual reports, which he said would be laid before Parliament for attention and discussion.

He stated that as a nation, “we have come a long way in building our democracy with evident recognition from the international community, thus making Sierra Leone the envy of a good number of African states”. He attributed such national achievement to the great commitment shown by NCD and the readiness of its staff in carrying out its mandate as stipulated in the NCD Act.

Mr. Koroma acknowledged the fact that even though it has been very difficult and coupled with limited resources, the commission has worked under difficult circumstances making great sacrifice and working under strenuous circumstances to make a difference.

Envisaging an end to the Ebola outbreak, the President noted the clear focus on doing the things that would position the nation as an example in Africa with a unique democracy, enjoying religious tolerance, ensuring the full participation of the people in the governance of the nation directly or indirectly, transforming and allowing space to the private sector, guaranteeing rights and access to justice with NCD ensuring the people own up to their civic responsibility.

The President remarked that he was not oblivious of the situation of the commission, noting that with the opportunity of realigning disbursement, attention will be paid to building the nation’s democracy with guarantee of additional support to NCD, whilst asking the team to remain focused.

During his presentation to the President, the NCD Chairman, Dr. Abubakarr H. Kargbo, commended the leadership of President Koroma “in providing the nation with enough direction to lead it out of its darkest chapter in its 54 years history as an independent nation”. He assured the President of NCD playing its traditional role by way of assuring the full participation of the people in the governance of the state.

The NCD chairman reminded the President about the commission’s responsibility in the ‘Agenda for Prosperity’ with a focus on championing the re-introduction of civic education to schools and the young, and the dissemination of messages of peace and national unity, urging that the realisation of such goals is integral to the successful outcome of the ‘Agenda for Prosperity’, whilst at the same time appealing for the much needed support to fulfill them.

In his vote of thanks, the Northern Region Commissioner of NCD, Bai J. Conteh, on a note of optimism, said the commission is spurred to do more each time a visit is paid to the President, whilst referencing the last visit to State House for the donation to the Ebola fight.

He commended the President for his continued support to the work of the commission.

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