President Bio warns ministers not to leak cabinet conclusions


May 16, 2018 By Mohamed Massaquoi

President RTD. Brigadier Julius Maada Bio yesterday admonished his ministers at State House to keep cabinet conclusions secret.

One of the challenges President Ernest Bai Koroma grappled with during his ten years tenure was the issue of leaked cabinet conclusions to the public before implementation.

President Bio was addressing ministers during an induction session organised at State House in Freetown.

He admonished his ministers that they should be able to take collective responsibility in ensuring that the New Direction is implemented in the interest of the people of Sierra Leone, adding that the induction ceremony was meant to harmonise issues and to explain to his ministers how he wants them to work collectively to improving the living conditions of Sierra Leoneans.

“When we decide in cabinet, it means we have accepted. Once we take a decision it is now incumbent on us to implement it. Some cabinet conclusions are published immediately conclusions are made with a touch of a mobile phone. I ask that this never happens in this administration,” he warned the new ministers, adding that ministers should use the manifesto not as bible but they must ensure that they are grounded in the principles of the New Direction.

He added that the expectation of Sierra Leoneans was very high and that ministers must work towards those expectations based on the fact that the SLPP manifesto.

“I have preached change and I have chosen you to effect that change. We have to respect time and we have to change the way we do things. We have to make a conscious effort in transforming this country. I am leading this process and I have to push you to make it happen,’ he said.

He called on his ministers to face the challenges ahead of them, reiterating that inasmuch as his government inherited one of the worse economic situations since independence, expectations from the people are enormous and that he cannot afford to fail the people of this country.

He disclosed that the task ahead might be difficult but that with their collective efforts the country would rise again.

He averred that choosing the ministers was a difficult task, but noted that he has confidence that they are capable enough to deliver the change he had preached throughout his campaign.

As agents of change, President Bio called on the ministers to conduct themselves professionally in delivering the nation from its present state of malaise.

President Bio also said that to deliver on his government’s promises, there must be collective effort on the part of ministers in transforming his policies into actions, adding that one way in doing so would be by being disciplined in the management of money and time.

He concluded by calling on his ministers to put the interest of the country first in the discharge of their respective duties.