President Bio to rehabilitate Koindu Market


January 28, 2019

By Mohamed Massaquoi


President Julius Maada Bio has promised the people of Kailahun district, eastern Sierra Leone that he will ensure that the district regains it past glory by reanimating the Koindu international market with modern facilities.

Koindu Market has been the trading hub between Sierra Leone, Liberia, Guinea , Mali and other west Africa countries, but the facility was grossly damaged during the 11 years  rebel war that ravaged the country some years ago.

The president noted that the Koindu market was significant to the  revitalisation of the  socio-economic development of the country, and that his government will reactivate the market and construct the roads leading to it.

“With the feasibility studies for the rehabilitation of the market going on now, the opposition All Peoples Congress (APC) is full of deception and fake promises. While in governance, the APC awarded road contract without providing the necessary funding for the work,” he said.

President Bio was addressing Kailahun residents last Friday during his thank you tour.

He expressed frustrating over what he referred to as “neglect” of Kailahun Pendembu road by former President Koroma.

“Despite my government inherited a weak economy, yet we have mapped out mechanism in place to provide resources for the contractors to continue with work on the Kailahun Pendembu road. We want to ensure that Kailahun is linked with other cities in the country,” he said.