President Bio makes surprise visit to Youyi Building


May 24, 2018

President Bio leaves a note for an absentee Permanent Secretary

President Julius Bio made an on-the-spot check at Youyi Building, which houses a plethora of ministries, departments and agencies.

According to a release from the State House Communication Unit, “the on-the-spot check was for the President to ensure that ministers and civil servants were complying with his directive to be at work at 8:30am.”

President Bio is reported to have climbed the nine-storey Youyi Building with zest and energy, checking every floor housing ministries and government agencies.

“At each ministry and agency, President Bio visited Ministers, Permanent Secretaries and other civil servants. Door after door, he entered to shocking surprises from civil servants, some of whom were only seeing him for the first time in person. President Bio smiled as he thanked many of the ministers and civil servants who were on seats,” the report states.

Secretaries, clerks, security and office assistants were reportedly pleased that the president was doing a spot check following his directive.

“This is the type of president this country wanted. We now have a disciplined leader who monitors and ensures compliance on his directive. The president looks very modest talking to junior civil servants and I am very hopeful that he will be a great president,” a junior civil servant was reported saying.

The report says that many of the newly approved ministers (with the exception of those out-of-office on official duties), permanent secretaries and other civil servants were on their seats.

However, the Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Lands, Housing and the Environment, Baba Fortune, was reportedly not on his seat and within the office and President Bio left a note for him.