Premium Divine Trading wraps up 2024 generous Ramadan donations 


By Alhaji Haruna Sani

In a heartwarming display of generosity and communal spirit, Premium Divine Trading Limited concluded its 2024 Ramadan donations which brought joy and relief to Muslims at Masjid Al-Aqsa on Old Railway Line-Brookfields and Masjid Al-Sahaba on Pipe Line off Wilkinson Road in Freetown.

The two mosques are the final of 21 mosques across the country and 10 in Freetown. Amidst expressions of gratitude and appreciation, the company delivered 50 cartons of assorted food items, including Maggie cubes, Miksi milks, and cocoa, coffee, and other premium products to each of the 21 Mosques.

The selection of these mosques was carefully made based on their large congregations, ensuring that the donations would benefit a significant number of people.

Speaking on behalf of Premium Divine Trading Limited, Kenneth Konuah, the Country Manager, emphasized the significance of supporting the Muslim community during Ramadan, a time when food plays a central role in the observance of the holy month.

 He underscored the company’s commitment to ensuring that their quality food products contribute to the well-being and sustenance of the fasting faithful.

Fawaz Milton, the Marketing Lead, reiterated the company’s dedication to extending a helping hand to fellow Sierra Leoneans, emphasizing the quality and reliability of their products. The sentiments echoed by Milton reassured the populace of Premium Divine Trading Limited’s ongoing commitment to serving the community.

The Imams of both Masjid Al-Aqsa and Masjid Al-Sahaba expressed profound gratitude on behalf of their congregations for the timely and generous donations from Premium Divine Trading Limited.

They highlighted the significance of these contributions, especially during a time of economic hardship, and offered prayers for the success and prosperity of the company.

Youth chairpersons, deputy imams, and ordinary members of the mosques also joined in praising Premium Divine Trading Limited for their thoughtful gesture, describing it as a beacon of hope and solidarity during challenging times. They called upon other trading companies, organizations, and philanthropists to follow the commendable example set by Premium Divine Trading Limited and extend support to those in need.

As Sierra Leoneans observe Ramadan amidst economic challenges, Premium Divine Trading Limited’s compassionate outreach serves as a shining example of corporate social responsibility and community solidarity, fostering goodwill and unity among all members of society.


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