Pregnant women, lactating mothers lectured on relevant of Bennimix


November 22,  2016 By Naomi Saffa

As a way to helping babies grow stronger and smarter, Vickie Romeo on Saturday, at the Bank Complex hall, Kingtom, lectured pregnant women and lactating mothers about the significance of feeding babies with bennimix food.

According to her, bennimix had been in existence for the past forty years and that many parents had forgotten about the product, adding that the food has no chemical and no preservative, and that it helps babies to grow stronger and smarter.
She noted that parents usually prefer using Cerelac and other internationally made baby food for their babies and neglect the locally made Bennimix, which she said has enough protein and carbohydrate.
“I am therefore appealing to mothers, future mothers and pregnant women to start feeding their babies with Bennimix food because it has all the ingredients that will make babies grow smarter and stronger,” she said.
Proprietor of Bennimix Food Company, Dr. Joseph Bahsoon said the food is nutritious with the availability of all nutrients and calcium, adding that his  company was being supported by the Sierra Leone Opportunity for Business Action (SOBA).
He said Bennimix baby food was the cheapest for babies in the country, compared to other manufactured ones, adding that the company wanted to support the health of babies and ensure that parents were happy.

“Our company wants to know the challenges faced by mothers with their babies so that we can find a way to help them out. We want to distribute the brand nationwide, so that people can access it easily,” he said.
In his statement, Food specialist, Dr. Joseph Kanu, said he had done an experiment on Bennimix and cerelac and proved that former was far better than the latter.