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PPRC to spearhead presidential debate ahead of 2018 elections

October 20, 2017 By Ransford Felix and Dusuba Koroma-Interns


Outreach Officer of the Political Parties Registration Commission (PPRC), Lucian Momoh, has disclosed that they would spearhead a presidential debate ahead of the March 7, 2018 multitier elections.

Lucian Momoh was speaking yesterday (19 October 2017) at the usual government press briefing held at the Ministry of Information and Communications ‘conference room,Youyi Building , Brookfields in Freetown.

He said the debate would be conducted come February, 2017, prior to the elections in March, adding that the process will be geared towards creating a space for politicians to sell their aspirations, goals and intentions to the electorates.

The PPRC Outreach Officer said the debate will be a fair play for supporters to fairly sell out their candidates and gain more support in the political discuss, adding that they would ensure that no political party that would participate in the March 7, 2018,boycotts the presidential charging.

Mr. Momoh also added that the commission, being an independent body that got it mandate from the 1991 Constitute of Sierra Leone, Section 34 and its sub-sections can only be questioned by Supreme Court of Sierra Leone.

“It is on that note that the commission has the sole mandate to advise political parties to engage in advocacy- ways on how to go about sourcing funds and go about funding their campaign activities, see that all disputes among party members are amicably settled,” he stated.

He said political campaigns and rallies will also be monitored to prevent chaos between political parties.

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