Power Corrupts and Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely


February 27, 2015 By James Feika – Freetown

In my generation, I am missing seeing the US use its power to promote peace and stability in the world. What an opportunity to make the world a better place if only the establishment understood this: not all problems could be resolved by propaganda and threats of war including actual wars. The deception used to write articles that are meant for a wide audience gives a false sense of security that is scarily undermined each time terrorists strike.

I mean, Europe had no business in Ukraine to support one faction (west Ukraine) against another faction (east Ukraine) on the baseless argument that Russia through ‘pro-Russian president’ wanted to thwart Ukraine from joining the EU. Wasn’t east Ukraine out there crying foul? What we have now was predictable. A layman like me saw this coming. Yet the establishment continued the delusion and massively under-reported the threats from east Ukrainians that they would declare independence should the elected government was overthrown by one section of society. This massive under-reporting now extends to the current economic collapse of west Ukraine which many people do not know about. The reality today is that public opinion in Kiev is questioning the achievements of the revolution and whether the West has not already betrayed them by leaving them bankrupt.

The manufactured revos in Libya and elsewhere have led to the militarization of peaceful internal conflicts and the unintended arming of radical elements now seeking the blood of innocent people in capitals in Europe and US. This is what distresses me most; that innocent people should be losing their lives for causes they do not understand.

In these manufactured revos what we see are elements supported by the West motivated for power but not ready for the fight to power on the basis of leadership organization and popular (broad) support from the people. They largely cry the loudest for coalition airstrikes and intelligence to undermine regimes. When they eventually come to power there is the second fragmented struggle for power itself.

This is because power was not attained by an organization with a recognized leadership rooted in broad popular support from the people. In the end, the people become bystanders and then are sucked into a dastardly conflict along sectarian lines. Leadership handed in a silver platter is the source of the very instability in Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan. These power vacuums are being filled by IS with its organized leadership under the motivation that the West want to destroy Islam.

The US has to get out of much of the world’s trouble spots. It has no reason to be in most of these places. The repeated attempts to carve out the form and substance of governments around the world by undermining a status quo using a compliant and greedy local base without political legitimacy have woefully failed.

James Feika holds an M.Phil from USL and is a critical thinker on international relations