Possession of Fire Arms Lands Accused in Jail


January 10, 2018 By Memunatu Bangura

One Fatmata Sheriff was yesterday (Tuesday 9th January, 2018) remanded by Magistrate Albert Moody of Siaka Steven Street Court No.1 for unlawful possession of small arms without license.

The accused was arraigned before the court on one count of unlawful possession of small arms without license contrary to section 19(2)(a) of Arms and Ammunition Act No.14 of 1955 as repealed and replaced by section 10 of Act No.7 of 1972.

Superintendent of Police- Samuel Kamara alleges that the accused person on Thursday 16th November, 2017, at Queen Elizabeth II Quay, Cline Town, was found in possession of small arms without license.

According to police file, the accused person was found in possession with one hundred and seventy seven inches (4.5mm) caliber firing arms (pellet) DIANARWS with serial number 013394A.

Defence Lawyer J. M Jengo, appealed with the Bench for his client to be granted bail, stating that the accused was a Sierra Leonean who resides in Freetown and has reliable sureties that were ready to stand as guarantors.

Lawyer Jengo admitted that the offence for which the accused person was before the court was serious but his client was in court on mere allegation, which was yet to be proven beyond reasonable doubt, thereby pleading for  bail to be granted  his client.

Superintendent Kamara vehemently objected to the bail application, taking into consideration the safety and security of the country.

He  added that the country is fast approaching electioneering period and needs to be secured at all cost.

According to him, the action of the accused person to carry illegal arms was a call for alarm and a test for the security apparatus.

No plea was taken and the accused was not granted bail as Magistrate Moody remanded her at the Female Correctional Centre.

The matter was adjourned to 11th January, 2018 for first prosecution witness (PW1).