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Police Tops Pay No Bribe Campaign Report

November 17, 2017 By Ransford Felix & Dusuba Koroma -Interns

I.G. Munu: heads the most corrupt institution

The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) yesterday released the third quarter data of the Pay No Bribe (PNB) campaign report, identifying the Francis Munu-led Police as the corrupt institution in the country.

The PNB is a 4.7 million British Pounds Sterling project funded by UK Aid and the Government of Sierra Leone.

It is a three year project aimed at tackling bribery in Sierra Leone. Its citizens’ anonymous reporting platform tracks the trends of corruption in ministries, departments and agencies with the view of instituting remedial actions and measures which would improve and enhance service delivery across the country.

The report covers July to September 2017, with a little over 40 percent (2435) of the reports concerning the police.

504 reports were received from people who refused to pay bribes, 122 reports were from honest officials, while 66 percent of reports concerned traffic offences.

The report further states that almost half of persons asked to pay bribe for traffic offences, representing 45 percent, refused to pay, while 6 percent contacted PNB to report that they had met some honest traffic policeman.

The Police accumulated a total of Le61, 106,500 (sixty one million one hundred and six thousand five hundred) value of reported bribes.

The education sector came second in the league table of corruption, while healthcare and water sector scored third and fourth respectively.

However, the report highlights robust responses from the police, including issuing zero tolerance administrative warnings, closely monitoring defaulting personnel, and rotation of regional and divisional traffic commanders in Bo and Bombali districts.

Meanwhile, the judiciary ranked high on the list as 19 percent of reports relates to bail with 93 percent reports concerning requests by officials for bribe.

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