Police to search political party offices for tugs, offensive weapons


January 18, 2018 By Mohamed Massaquoi & Elizabeth A.  Kaine

Inspector General of Police, Dr.Richard Moigbeh

Inspector General of the Sierra Leone Police (IGP), Dr.Richard Moigbeh, has threatened to swiftly go into action against any political party that has created paramilitary or possessed offensive weapons in order to create mayhem in the 2018 general elections.

He made the above statement at a one day interactive session organised by the Sierra Leone Police for political party leaders at the Kingtom Police Officers Mess in Freetown.

Dr.Richard Moigbeh said they are closely monitoring intelligence report regarding the activities of certain political parties who are in the habit of harboring tugs in their offices.

“We are closely monitoring and if any party is found wanting, we will engage the PPRC so that we can conduct a search warrant on the premises of that party,” he said.

He however assured all political parties and the Sierra Leonean populace that the Sierra Leone Police (SLP) will provide adequate, reliable and professional policing services before, during and after the 2018 general elections, adding that they are strongly working with other stakeholders in the electioneering process to ensure that a conducive environment is provided for a democratic process.

The newly appointed Inspector General of Police said the SLP has been rated very highly by the United Nations for its peaceful operations across the world, and that they have secured appropriate training and equipment to embark on peacekeeping operations in the world.

 He disclosed that the SLP has been in preparation for the 2018 elections since 2016, and that they have developed strategic documents in collaboration with other stakeholders in order to make the 2018 election peaceful.

“We believe in working in partnership and the assurance is that we have planned a lot and if elections are to be held today, the SLP is ready and willing to provide a very safe and secure peaceful conduct of the 2018 elections,” he said.

“I want to allay the fears of the people of Sierra Leone that we will do our best to maintain law and order. I have asked all of those personnel who are interested in political activities to resign from the SLP because serious actions will be taken  against any police personnel found playing politics,” he said, adding that the SLP has organised a forum with civil society and the media so that they can be professional in carrying out  their responsibilities.