Police say accused shot and killed former CDS SO Williams


October 15, 2018

By Hassan Gbassay Koroma

One of the investigating officers in the on-going murder trial of the former Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) of the Sierra Leone Armed  Forces, Lieutenant-General(retired)Samuel Omar Williams, has testified that the 2nd and 3rd accused had told investigators that the first accused shot and killed the deceased.

Detective Police Constable 12057 Brima Koroma was Friday testifying before Justice Manuela Harding in the Freetown High Court.

He told the court that on 26th January 2017, he and his colleague obtained statement from the accused persons. He said that on 27th January second aqccused Festus Mansaray and third accused Alhaji Steven Bangura took a team of investigators to the crime scene at Umuels Drive, Rokel, Western Rural District, and replayed how they attacked the residence of the deceased and killed him.

According to the witness, both the second and third accused had told the investigators that they entered the residence through a small red gate located at the back of the compound.

He said the accused persons confessed that they went inside the building, climbed the scaffold and entered the veranda and room of the deceased.

The witness further told the court that the accused told the team of investigators that when they entered the room of the deceased, the first accused person shot him with a short gun.

He said both accused further explained that after the deceased fell on the ground, they started searching his room for money and other items, and that because they did not find money they took his phones and hurriedly came out through the stairs and exited through the main gate of the house.

According to the witness, the second and third accused also told the investigators that as they were exiting the house, the first accused told them to re-enter the house to take the briefcase of the deceased, threatening to kill anyone who failed to comply.

The witness further said that after taking the briefcase, they also collected the phones of two men who were sleeping on the ground floor.

In addition, the witness told the court that the second accused told the investigators that the leader of robbery gang, Ibrahim Jusu, was at large, and that they shared the stolen items.

In 2017, police arrested and charged one Festus Mansaray, Alhaji Steven Bangura, Ibrahim Kalokoh and Alhaji Umaru Jalloh with five counts of conspiracy, robbery with aggravation and murder contrary to the laws of Sierra Leone.

Police allege that the accused attacked the residence of the deceased, murdered and robbed him of 2 iPhones 6+ mobile phone, a Sierratel phone, Samsung Galaxy edge phone, Silver Macbook PRO, Apple laptop computer, one portfolio, one handbag, a gold bracelet and gold necklace; all the items worth Le56,355,000.

Justice Mannuela Harding adjourned the matter to Thursday, 18th October.