Police rice fraud!


8 senior officers investigated

By Alusine Sesay

I.G. MUNU … some officers are going without their rice supply Sir
I.G. MUNU … some officers are going without their rice supply Sir

Sources at the Complaint Discipline and Internal Investigation Department (CDIID) of the Sierra Leone have disclosed to Concord Times that eight (8) senior police officers are currently being investigated for their alleged role in illegally converting to their private use rice meant for some police officers.

Rice supply to police officers has been marred by allegations of corruption, with some officers mostly in remote areas not accessing their supplies. Also, the said rice supply is often delayed, leaving officers to wait for two months or more before they could access their supply.

Concord Times has on several occasions reported on the issue and quizzed police bosses to disclose the name of the contractor in charge of the police rice supply, but to no avail.

Though the sources were not clear as to the disciplinary action that would be meted against the said officers, it is understood some of the defaulting senior officers have been asked to replace the rice they allegedly illegally converted to their private use, and that failure to do so would attract stringent disciplinary action.

According to our sources, the scam involved fictitious relatives who came forward to collect rice on behalf of some police officers, although the latter have denied that such to be done with their consent.