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Police release father accused of selling daughter

By Francis Ndanema in Moyamba

 Some residents of Tamdale Chiefdom in the Moyamba District have accused the police of “accepting bribe” to release one Nuru Bendu, who was arrested on suspicion of selling his biological daughter.

Bendu was accused of selling her biological daughter for Le6 million to an unknown person after the girl went missing.

Reacting to the allegation, the Local Unit Commander of the Moyamba police division, James Philip John Conteh, said they had briefly detained the suspect following his arrest, and that after concluding their investigation, they sent the file to the state counsel for advice.

The state counsel, according to the LUC, directed that they intensify their search for the missing girl, urging the police that, as investigators, they should endeavour to uncover more evidence as the one in the initial file was insufficient to warrant the suspect to be charged to court.

The allegation [of selling his daughter], according to Supt. Conteh, was denied by the accused, pointing out that nobody came to the police to testify that the accused indeed sold the child.

“Upon the advice of the state counsel, the police decided to release the suspect on bail to a reliable surety,” he said and went on to deny allegation of receiving bribe from criminals. He described his division as unique and “will never accept bribe from criminals”.

Moreover, the one-year eight-month old girl was later discovered with some parts removed, thus leading to some residents concluding that the girl may have been “sold” for ritual purposes.

Meanwhile, the LUC informed Concord Times that they have ordered for the body of the girl to be buried, “but would be exhumed when needed to do post-mortem examination”, and that the suspect would be re-arrested if they have any further evidence pointing to him.

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