Police officer testifies in police forgery case


By Hawa Amara 

Detective police constable 1389 Sahr Alieu yesterday testified at the Freetown Magistrates Court No.2 presided over by Magistrate Komba Kamanda in a matter involving one Mohamed Michael Kamara, a police officer who is alleged to have forged a statement of result from the Milton Margai College of Education and Technology.

 The witness told the court that the matter was transferred to the Major Incident Support Unit at the headquarters of the Criminal Investigation Department from the Complaint Discipline Internal Investigation Department at police headquarters on 3 February. He said the accused was detained after an internal investigation had found him wanting for improper conduct and recommended further investigation.

He said the he obtained an oral statement from the accused person in Krio, together with detective police constable 11071 Komba I.B., which was recorded in English, and that they followed all procedures as per law.

He said the accused person was charged to court on 3 February, with the offence of conspiracy to commit felony and forgery, contrary to section 4[1] of the Forgery Act, 1913.

According to the prosecution, the accused person on diverse dates from 1st to 31st January 2014 conspired with other persons to commit felony by way of forgery, and that on 28 January, 2014, with intent to defraud, forged a statement of result for a Higher Teachers Certificate with identity card No.9284, from the Milton Margai College of Education and Technology.

The matter is prosecuted by Inspector Michael Kelly Dumbuya.  The matter continues.