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Police nabs 18 clique gangs with offensive weapons

May 9, 2017 By Patrick Jaiah Kamara

Superintendent Sovula…acts tough

The Local Unit Commander (LUC) at the Adonkia Police station, Goderich Division, Western Rural district, Superintendent Ambrose Michael Sovula, has disclosed to Concord Times that they have arrested over eighteen clique boys with offensive weapons at Hamilton beach.

Superintendent Sovula said they got a tipoff that some clique boys have planned to infiltrate an outing organised by a certain group in the eastern part of the country and planned to cause mayhem.

He stated that base on the tipoff they received, they mounted what he described as a snap checkpoint to search vehicles that were leading to the beach and subsequently arrested the clique boys.

He said some of them clique boys escaped, while others were arrested with dangerous offensive weapons loaded in a vehicle.

“They were arrested with offence weapons like knife and other dangerous offensive weapons that can destroy life. That confirms the information that their purpose of going to the beach was to create mayhem, because we expect people going to the beach to go with tires. If you go with knifes that are very sharp and can wound people, that is a clear intention that you have some bad plans, so we would deter it from that point,” he said.

He noted that the men would be charged to court today or tomorrow for various offences ranging from possession of offence weapons, disorderly behavior and other public order offences.

He stated that his men are always very vigilant and have continually raided all the beaches that are within his jurisdiction.

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