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Police may arrest Emergency Hospital worker

By Ibrahim Jaffa Condeh

Personnel at the Kissy police division have received a complaint against a staff of the Emergency Hospital at Goderich, Christian Davies, who – over three weeks ago – hit an 11 year-old boy with his vehicle at Kissy Mess Mess, leading to the boy breaking both legs.

The boy, Ibrahim Sesay of 19A City Road, Kissy Mess Mess, was rushed to the Emergency Hospital at Goderich with Davies promising to ensure that the boy receives the required medical attention; a promise he has reneged with the mother left with the burden of having to hire a taxi daily to take the boy to the hospital after he was initially discharged.

Mother of the boy, Aminata Kargbo, told Concord Times that Davies always yells at her and turns off the phone whenever she calls to remind him about the boy’s condition, and the constraints she goes through taking the boy to the hospital daily.

“When the incident happened, I had wanted to report the matter to the police immediately but he begged that he didn’t want his bosses at the Emergency Hospital to know about it, and that he would handle it. He promised to be providing transportation to take the boy to the hospital and back after he was discharged. But any time I call him, he would shout at me sarcastically telling me to stop bordering him,” explained Madam Kargbo.

“Even though he works at the Emergency Hospital, he has never made an attempt to check on the condition of the boy since he was admitted at the hospital. A female colleague of Davies even confronted him on the issue and any time he would lie to her that he is taking full care of the boy.”

Madam Kargbo said due to the constraint in always taking him (boy) to the hospital on public transport, the boy injured one of his legs and had to be readmitted.

“He is doing this to me because I’m a woman. The boy’s father is not currently in town but this is a matter I’m determined to pursue until I get justice for my son,” she avowed. “Even when the Emergency Hospital is providing free treatment and feeding for my son, Davies is lying that he is providing everything for us.”

Medical Coordinator at the Emergency Hospital, Luca Rolla, told Concord Times that the hospital management had no idea about the incident until now. He said Davies is an employed staff of the hospital working at the lab and not a driver as was initially thought.

He confirmed that the boy is currently receiving serious medical attention at the hospital free of cost. He did not however say whether any investigation is going to be done on the matter.

When contacted for his reaction, Davies conceded that he indeed hit the boy with his private vehicle around Kissy Mess Mess, and that he has been providing “assistance to the mother to take care of the boy”.

Meanwhile, Madam Kargbo said her family will soon lead a delegation to the Emergency Hospital to formally lodge a complaint against Mr. Davies to the hospital’s management, as well as pursuing the matter legally in the police and the courts.

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