Police investigate land feud at Kaningo


January 15, 2015 By Victoria Saffa

Police Boss... F. Munu
Police Boss… F. Munu

The Sierra Leone Police (SLP) are investigating a feud over a land at the Kaningo community in Lumley, western of Freetown, involving some members of the security forces and unknown individuals who both lay claim to the land, according to Detective Sergeant Sahr Ibrahim Alimamy Kamara, a member of a new SLP taskforce on land grabbing at the Operational Support Division (OSD) headquarters at Kingharman Road.

Sergeant Kamara said a fracas had occurred between the two sides in December last year, resulting to a riot in the community.

He said a group of individuals – civilians, soldiers and police officers – were offered pieces of land at Kaningo and have been trying to develop the property when an unknown person suddenly appeared with a group of gangs, claiming the land as his.

He said what ensued was serious confrontation between the gangs and landowners, with some of them sustaining injuries. But for the quick intervention of the police, he said the situation would have led to fatalities.

However, he said peace had since returned to the area, while the issue is being investigated by his unit in collaboration with the Ministry of Lands, Country Planning and the Environment.

Meanwhile, the taskforce on land grabbing is still waiting for the outcome of a Ministry of Lands investigation into a land issue at Aberdeen, which the former had referred to them.

The new SLP taskforce on land grabbing was established last November by the Executive Management Board of the SLP to investigate, prosecute and settle land feuds nationwide, which are on the increase, and which in some cases result to death.