Police arrest notorious armed robber in Kono


January 25, 2017 By Mohamed Massaquoi in Kono

The Local Unit Commander (LUC) of the Tankoro Police Division in Koidu, Kono district, has confirmed to Concord Times the arrest of a notorious armed robber, whom he claimed have been causing problems for people in both the eastern district and across the country.

LUC David Sahib Koroma said the police had mounted a manhunt for Aiah James for various offences he had allegedly committed, before the fugitive ran out of luck last Saturday and went to the station to report his junior brother for allegedly mismanaging his business.

The police chief said his men quickly identified the fugitive as one of those on their ‘wanted’ list.

LUC Koroma further narrated that since he took over as police boss in the city, crime rate has reduced drastically as he works closely with the Local Police Partnership Board and local authorities to maintain peace and security in the volatile district.

He noted that community policing was the best model to curb criminal activities, adding that residents of Kono have expressed a huge sigh of relief that James had been arrested alongside his girlfriend.

“James came here alongside his girlfriend to report his younger brother.
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While the process was on course, one of my personnel alerted me that James is a notorious criminal that they have been looking out for. He was immediately arrested with the lady and a search warrant was conducted at his residence in Koidu city where a pistol was discovered. The investigation is ongoing and the matter would   be transferred to Freetown for further investigations,” explained the police officer.

A 2016 United States Department report on the rate of crime in Sierra Leone states that a concern for many businesses that have invested in the country is the continuing high theft and malfeasance by many employees.

The report further states that Sierra Leone was not immune to robberies, home invasions, assaults, and petty street crimes and that even with the employment of security personnel, many instances of crime still occur, adding that Freetown was not exempt from rising crime.

“Expatriates are the primary targets of crime due to their perceived wealth. Crimes against Americans have involved those of opportunity rather than targeting. These crimes include, but are not limited to, pickpocketing and thefts from hotel rooms. Americans have reported theft of money and property from locked hotel rooms,” the report stated.