POEM: Women’s world


December 3, 2021

Oh! Please tell us no more, the scars are visible from afar

For we know we are not Angels, but why is our world so ardiou?

At the crow of dawn, with our bandos around our waist, we engage our calabash,

We tend to or offspring, we fetch firewood,

We pound the new rice, every empty mouth is fed before the dew disappear, so why our hearts are left to sore,

Why our tears overflow the rivers?

Men, they say, are demons that are very very wise

No, we beg to differ, they help carry our dreams, our hope

An experience has taught us, that we need no advice

None will dare tell us how to be wise

For we call them disguise

We are mothers and not murderers

Our worlds we build in our minds, with one gender

We are billions with beautiful hearts.

But you! You! You! Want to set us apart

We are children that needs to be loved

Our pride are bruised with no remorse

We were willing we came when you call

But why do you hate us that much that you want us to fall

But firmly we will stand

This poem is done by Elizabeth A. Kaine in solidarity with all the women and girls that have been sexually, physically and mentally assaulted