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A   Nation   full of Greed

May 4, 2017 By Elizabeth A. Kaine

My land is fair for any eyes to see

No look, my friends-look to the east-and west

You see the hills with green-trees far in the west

Hills lined with pine and gum and black-oak tree

Now to the east you see the fertile valley

This land is ours, we sing of it to you

Our land beneath the skies of white and blue

This land is ours for we are part of it

I am the land, for it is part of me

We are akin and thus our kinship is

It would make me a sister to the tree

And far as eyes can see this land is ours

Not for one foot of it we have a deed

To own this land we do not need a deed

They all belong to us –gum, oak, and pine


I cannot live with you forever

Because you never know my use

But for now make use of me

Who am I?


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