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January 17, 2022

The head of the Pipe Line Progressive Women Namisa Bangura yesterday assured PEL Koroma who is the Information Attache to the Embassy of Sierra Leone in Washington D.C that the group will continue supporting President Bio for his honest leadership. “ Most of us were not fortunate to go to school but we are happy that President Bio has decided to offer our children  Free Qualify Education “, Namisa Bangura said. 

The Sierra Leone Information Attache’ in Washington D.C thanked the Pipe Line Community at Hill Station for believing in the leadership of President Bio. “ I have come back to say thank you to you all for the support SLPP is enjoying from you. I am kindly asking you all to pay attention to what President Bio is doing in the country”, PEL Koroma said.  He explained to the people the efforts made by the SLPP government to change the lives of Sierra Leoneans. 

“There is a US$ 60 million rice project going on in Pujehun district, and another US$ 54 million rice project in Port Loko district. And I want you to know that President Bio has increased the pension of pensioners from Le 30,000 to Le 250,000. I also want you to be aware that your girl child offering sciences in school will gain free university education after acceptance “, noting that President Bio”s government has paid school fees and free text books for 2.5 million pupils in Sierra Leone for the past three years”.

PEL Koroma expressed gratitude to the Pipe Line Progressive Women for supporting President Bio in the 2018 elections. 

“I belong to you, and that is why I am here to share with you my salary since I was employed by the SLPP government. I am humbly given out US$ 200 to the group as a thank you for your determination to continue voting for President Bio.  We should continue believing in President Bio irrespective of the economic challenges. The COVID-19 is a huge impediment to our growth as a nation. President Bio has already rebranded the country, and more investors will come to creat jobs for the young people. We should all come together and pray for President Bio, and for the COVID -19 to end”, PEL Koroma concluded, exerting that President Bio is a grateful leader.

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