Philanthropist donates to No. 2 River community


November 10, 2015 By Mohamed Massaquoi

The eighteen months outbreak of the Ebola virus disease brought a lot of hardship to the country and the citizenry. Based on the enormous humanitarian needs at various communities across the country, a Sierra Leonean philanthropist, Constantine Manley, through his organisation, Relief for Development for the Poor, on Saturday donated used items worth millions of Leones to the No. 2 River community in the Western Rural.

The donated items include chairs for the primary school in the area, footballs and jerseys for the youth, clothing and other items for the community elders.

While presenting the items, Manley said the donation was the first he has extended to the community, noting that there are a lot of venerable people who need assistance.

He said the organisation started operation in the country in 2006, and that some friends from Germany have been supporting their work by donating food and non-food items.

“It is saddened that nearly half the population in some of these communities are severely undernourished as regular access to food and pure drinking water remains a huge challenge,” he said. “In 2014, the Ebola epidemic disrupted all aspects of life in the country. Many families were gravely affected: the prices of basic foodstuff skyrocketed and the movement of people was restricted. That is the more reason why we have come with these items as our support to the recovery process of the Ebola epidemic.”

He said the footballs and clothes will enable the youth to participate in development programs in their respective communities.

“I have been coming to Sierra Leone in the past years giving support to [vulnerable] people. I have been donating items to places including Lungi. This is our country and we need to give back our little support. I am appealing that government put mechanisms in place to avoid the unnecessary delays in clearing items at the quay,” he said.

The organisation’s National Coordinator, Nigel Osborne, said he established partnership with Mr. Manley to ensure that the right children benefit from their relief assistance, adding that they have  been finding it very difficult to provide such humanitarian services to the poor based on the numerous difficulties at the ports.

“Among all of this support, the orphans and the communities are our proprieties as these people often face a lot of challenges,” said Mr. Osborne. “We will not relent in providing our little support and I hope others will emulate the good work. No. 2 River is our community and I must be very frank that our people are in need of support.”

He thanked all those who have put their resources together in Germany to help the vulnerable people in Sierra Leone.

A member of the community, Donald Johnson, thanked members of the humanitarian organisation for the support to the community, adding that the items will be used for the intended purposes.