Finance, Education, Tourism ministries ‘boycott’ process

By Ausine Sesay

Chief of Staff, Dr. Konteh reading the performance contract report
Chief of Staff, Dr. Konteh reading the performance contract report

While reading the 2013 performance contract report at State House yesterday, Chief of Staff in the Office of the President, Dr. Richard Konteh, disclosed that among the 22 government ministries, the Ministries of Finance and Economic Development, Education, Science and Technology, and Tourism and Culture were not assessed because the various ministers “deliberately failed to turn up for assessment”.

The Chief of Staff, however, would not say whether disciplinary action would be taken against the ‘boycotting’ ministers.

The assessment and evaluation of government ministries, departments and agencies (MDAs) – as well as local councils – was undertaken by the Performance Management and Service Delivery (PMSD) Unit of the Office of Chief Staff at State House. The benchmarks used to evaluate the MDAs include transparency, accountability, innovation and effective service delivery to the public.

According to the Chief Staff, it was found out, among others, that there was inadequate capacity in government institutions, lack of strategic leadership hence leadership failures, weaknesses in resource mobilization and utilization, weak inter-departmental coordination and weak human resource capacity – all challenges faced by government institutions.

Moreover, the best performing local council, according to Dr. Konteh, is the Bombali District Council, followed by the Bo District Council and Bonthe District Council respectively.

Among the academic institutions, Njala University emerged as the best followed by Eastern Polytechnic in Kenema.

The National Commission for Social Action (NaCSA) emerged as the best performing commission; the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as the best performing agency; and the Ministry of Water Resources as the best performing ministry.

Meanwhile, Dr. Konteh noted that “all the ministries performed better” and that there was no ministry that performed badly.

However, President Ernest Bai Koroma, in his brief statement, promised to take appropriate action against non-performing institutions.

“I warned them last year and appropriate action will be taken against non-performing entities,” he vowed.