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Pel Koroma donates 20 bags of rice to mudslide victims 

August 21, 2017


PEL, on behalf of Constituency 110/128 and Sierra Leone Peoples  Party (SLPP) donated 20 bags of rice to flood and mudslide victims in Matomeh community.

While doing the presentation, Pel Koroma  empathised with the bereave families, saying that it is a challenging moment for them and the whole country, but with courage they should render their hope and trust in God for he is the only refuge left. The presentation was done together with the party’s Regional and Constituency stakeholders including other party members who also made salient contributions.

The community people appreciated SLPP for the gesture; saying that the donation was done to the right people as many donations coming for them are being tapped by unidentified people.

Through PEL’s effort together with the party executives (both Constituency and Zonal levels), the SLPP Party with no complacency is sure of winning this constituency. There is no two ways about it; PEL has all what it takes to win this constituency . He is a man with integrity, vision, passion for his party and his people, popularity, political base, humility and leadership charisma. He is indeed the kind of aspirant the people fall for.

In not so many words, this man is an attractive, affordable and accessible commodity in the political market, so SLPP as a credible company just has the responsibility to label him as its product to realize a remarkable turnover.

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