Pedestrians damn utility companies for destruction of sidewalks


November 2, 2016 By Emmanuel Okyne

Pedestrians in the Freetown municipality have raised concern over the deplorable condition of sidewalks, which they claimed have been destroyed by utility companies and left abandoned.

They cited Guma Valley, Sierratel, and the Electricity Distribution and Supply Authority, as being responsible for the destruction of the sidewalks.

One of the aggrieved pedestrians, Samuel Bangura, squarely blamed utility companies of destroying the sidewalks without repairing them after the completion of essential works.

 Bangura said it was disheartening that utility companies usually dig sidewalks, whenever they were engage in some essential works, stating the footbridge along Congo cross has been without slabs for over a year now.

He said utility companies should work in line with the Sierra Leone Roads Authority whenever they want to undertake essential works.

Octogenarian Pa William John said he was finding it difficult to use the sidewalks as most of the slabs have become dangerous to walk on.

Zainab Kamara, a physically challenged person, complained that most of the footpaths were not disabled- friendly, adding that her colleagues who used wheelchairs found it very difficult to get their ways through the sidewalks.

Kamara said as a result of the said condition, they were always left with no option, but to use the main motor way to move on.

Meanwhile, Communication Officer at the Sierra Leone Roads Authority (SLRA), Sorie Ibrahim Kanu, told Concord Times that before utility companies could embark on any repair work, they usually obtain permission from the SLRA, adding that fines were levied on utility companies that falter along the way.