Peace ambassador declares for SLPP National Chairman and Leader


 January 24, 2017 By Mohamed Massaquoi in Kono

As contest for various positions within the main opposition Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) heightens, one of the candidates for the position of Chairman and Leader, Dr. Morie Komba Manyeh, has officially announced his candidature in his home town of Kono, where he boasted of being the only qualified and accredited individual that would finally bring lasting peace to the membership of the SLPP.

Dr. Manyeh was the co-chairman during the Bishop Humper peace deal that intended to bring various factions together, more so when the party was in serious political turmoil in which party members vigorously attacked each other for sentimental reasons.

While addressing party members at the SLPP officer in Kono, Dr. Manyeh promised to serve as Peace ambassador to rejuvenate the party by working with every member of the SLPP, stating that the party needed collective efforts to win the forthcoming presidential, parliamentary and local council elections scheduled for 2018.

He added that he predicated his candidature on the principles of unity and oneness, especially when some of the party members were feeling deprived.

He said one of the reasons to have gone to Kono and declare his intention was to prove to the current party officers that he was coming from a strong political base that will add value to the struggles of the SLPP, nothing that Kono district was significant in the political arrangements of the country.

He observed that over the years, the interest and values of the district and the party itself have not been properly represented by various individuals, pointing at the ruling All Peoples Congress, which he said, has done little for the district.

 “I am in this contest not because of personal reasons but to properly represent my people on the political map of Sierra Leone. I have proven records of fostering peace in the SLPP at the stage we need each other for a general purpose that is to win come 2018. This is an opportunity that we should make a very good us of. The APC has misperformed to the better understanding of the people of Sierra Leone. It is now very clear that the APC led government is not the appropriate government and the people of Sierra Leone want an alternative, which is SLPP.But we cannot achieve it without our collective efforts,” he said.

Manyeh further stated that the people of Kono especially SLPP delegates from across the district decided to come out in the open to declare for him because they wanted to have a positive representation from the district and the entire eastern region.

He pointed out that during the days of Rev. Paul Dumba as party National Chairman from the Kono district, a lot of development took place across Sierra Leone, hence the people of Kono were yearning and also appealing to the entire membership of the SLPP to give them the opportunity to have the national chairman and leader.

“We are in this race not as enemies but brothers and sisters within the same SLPP. I believe in peace and not war. I believe in unity and not divisiveness. I want to call on you all of to support me to become the National Chairman and Leader of the SLPP.I believe I have the capacity and charisma to deliver my best for the SLPP and the country as a whole. Our people rely on us to form the next government. The international community wants to see unity in the SLPP. I want to assure you that I will deliver the peace that is needed for the SLPP to win the forthcoming general elections,” he said.

SLPP district Chairperson, Madam Sia Elizabeth Tongu, thanked Dr. Manyeh for his commitment and contribution towards the SLPP even at difficult moments.

She said the party needed quality leadership so that voters would have confidence to vote.

She said they have endorsed the flag bearer candidate, Retired Brigadier Maada Bio and Dr. Manyeh for the position of Chairman and Leader, so that Kono and its people would have a stake in the political arrangement of the SLPP.

She emphasised that Kono district has long been deprived and that there was need for them to come together for the general good of the people.

“As chairperson for the district and the entire delegates, we are here today to declare for our brother, Dr. Komba Morie Manyeh for the position of National Chairman and Leader of the SLPP. I am sure other delegates across the country will see reason to vote for our brother. All of us should work in the interest of SLPP,” she said.

The declaration of delegates from various constituencies within Kono and some parts of the Western Area formed the high point of the event.

While  addressing a presser in Kono, Maada Bio said he was yet to openly declare for any candidate for the position of national chairman and leader.

He said as a leader, he will not use his popularity and support among party members to suppress the candidature of an individual, adding that he did not have voting right to elect national officers but he definitely has a candidate in mind.

“This is an internal democratic process and all of those contesting for the said position are members of the SLPP. I have a candidate in mind who I believe I can work with for the success of this struggle but I have not done that in the open,” he noted