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PDP writes President Koroma, complains PPRC 

Novenber 16, 2016 By Emmanuel Okyne (Intern)

The   People Democratic Party (PDP) has written a letter to President Koroma, ECOWAS and other stakeholder institutions, complaining that the Political Party Registration Commission (PPRC) was giving preferential treatment to members, who allegedly embezzled the party’s funds.

The letter dated 9th November,2016 stated that  in 2014,  the national  executives  of the party  approached  the then Chairman of PPRC  and reported that three of its executive  members had misappropriated  donors funds ,but that the chairman allegedly refused to treat the matter with the  seriousness it deserves.

According to the letter, the party convened an emergency meeting in which they invited the commission but that nobody showed up; hence they reported the matter to the Criminal Investigations Department for investigation.

The letter stated that the party again reported the same matter to the Anti-Corruption Commission, who then investigated it and ordered that the suspect pay into the party’s’ account, the sum of 21,892,000, money that was not accounted for by the culprits.

According to a  letter from the Anti-Corruption Commission dated 29 June, 2016, addressed to the PDP, the suspects (one already dead) furnished proof showing that an amount of Le155, 838,000.00  (one hundred and fifty-five million, four hundred and thirty-eight thousand Leones) was legitimately used to offset expenses and obligations incurred by the party.

“In your presence, and before the commissioner, it was agreed that the matter be resolved by requesting the remaining  suspects to reimburse the party by paying back into the party coffers the amount of Le21,892,000.00(twenty-one million, eight hundred and ninety -two  thousand Leones) that remained uncounted for,” the ACC letter had stated.

“The basis for this resolution was that the death of the principal suspect made it extremely difficult to pursue the matter as there was every likelihood that an eventual prosecution of the remaining suspects might not succeed. More significantly the suspects have intimated that they will consider the refunding the party with the outstanding amount.”

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