PCMH provides over 7000 free healthcare services for women, children

The Minister of Health addressing Doctors and nurses PMCH

By Ibrahim Kabba Turay

Minister of Health and Sanitation, Dr. Austin Demby, has disclosed on a family-work visit to the Ola During Children’s Hospital and Princess Christian Maternity Hospital, has said that in less than a year, the facilities  have provided over 7000 free healthcare services for women and children and reduced maternal deaths by 60%.

He said those were significant milestones that have been achieved by the facilities and warm-heartedly thanked all the doctors, nurses, pharmacists, volunteers, security who work tirelessly to ensure women and children are safe.

He also assured the hospitals of his administration’s unflinching support towards capacity building, better conditions of service, and improved infrastructure.

He stated that the government will continue to support the hospital with enough medical facilities and qualified doctors in ensuring that better healthcare services is given to the people of Sierra Leone.

He said healthcare delivery model has gained wide acceptance in the past two years and was now in used by 7,000 children and woman around the country.

The PCMH “is a care delivery model whereby patient treatment is coordinated through their primary care physician to ensure they receive the necessary care when and where they need it, in a manner they can understand.” For example, in the PCMH model, the patient’s primary care physician’s practice regularly reviews the patient’s progress and makes follow-up calls or appointments if necessary

He further advice all the Doctors nurses to be effectives in their jobs, he told them that they are representing the ministry of health and sanitation and whatever thing they are doing they most consider that they’re working for the people of Sierra Leone.