PC reminds Pres. Koroma of Lungi bridge promise


By Samuel Ben Turay

Paramount Chief of Kaffu Bullom Chiefdom in the Port Loko district, Bai Shebora Sheba Gbereh III, has reminded the president about his promise to construct a bridge across the river separating Freetown from Targrin, Lungi.

The PC recalled that during the 2012 elections the ruling All People’s Congress (APC) promised that if they won the elections they would construct a bridge linking Freetown to Targrin.

According to the traditional ruler, members of the community continue to pressure him to remind government about that election promise, but has told them to be patient.

According to him, the promise to build a bridge across the estuary linking the west with the north was made during a public meeting attended by President Koroma himself.

He noted though that previous governments had made similar promises but none has fulfilled the promise. However, he said the last of the promise was relied on by most people in the community because they trust President Koroma as a development-oriented leader.

“My people ask me about this promise every day. If this promised is not going to work then I don’t know what I am going to tell my people in the future,” said the PC.

The traditional ruler was speaking during a well attended meeting at the Masoila community hall, attended by few government officials including Majority Leader of Parliament, Hon. Ibrahim Bundu.

Also speaking, Hon. Bundu, representing Constituency 052 in Port Loko district, confirmed that the president did make the promise to construct the bridge in 2012 and assured the people he would take their message to the Leader and Chairman of the APC, President Koroma.

“The most important thing is the bridge; no sooner we get it I am sure this place is going to turn to a paradise. Lungi is the gateway to the country,” he said.

Successive governments had made similar promises to the people of Lungi although the construction of the bridge remains a pipe dream, prompting a popular local musician to quip that the bridge would only be constructed in the world hereafter.