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Pathologist says journalist Samura’s death was ‘homicidal’

November 4, 2019

By Regina Pratt

Samura was looking healthy before his demise

Senior medical doctor who is also the government pathologist, Dr. Simoen Owizz Koroma, told court last Friday that the death of the late Editor and Publisher of the New Age Newspaper, Ibrahim Samura,was ‘not suicidal but unnatural, incidental, and homicidal’.

The Pathologist was testifying before Magistrate Mark Ngeba at the Pademba Road Magistrate Court while being led in evidence by state prosecutor, lawyer Adrian Fisher.

 “In my professional opinion, the cause of death was not suicidal, but unnatural, incidental, and homicidal,” he said.

The witness told the court that upon the conclusion of the autopsy, he reduced his findings into a five-page document and issued a death certificate to the bereaved family.

He said the post-mortem was carried out upon the instruction of the Chief Medical Officer and the Coroner Officers in the presence of the late man’s wife and detective police Inspector, I. S. Dumbuya.

The witness said that the deceased had blot shot eyes, adding that after his death blood settled on the independent part of his body, huge collection of blood around his head,   linear imprint marks on his skin, scalp shows massive bleeding, skull shows extensive fracture, while skeleton shows skull fracture.

During cross-examination, counsel for the first accused, Lawyer Melron Nicol Wilson asked the witness if the history of the deceased formed part of his finding, but he replied in the negative.

The witness further said he was not aware of any medical history of the deceased, and that he did not do any examination to ascertain the medical history of the deceased, thus adding that the photographs were not taken by him.

Defense counsel for the second accused, Lawyer Ady Macauley could not cross-examine the witness,  stating that PW1 mentioned facts that are not known to him  and that those facts can only be communicated to him by a third party.

Meanwhile, he made an application for the prosecution to provide the defense with all materials  before cross-examining the witness.

However, Magistrate Ngeba ordered that exhibits A, B, and C be served on the defense counsels.

Journalist Ibrahim Samura died on 6 June 2018 allegedly from injuries he sustained when he was reportedly beaten by the then ruling All Peoples Congress Party members during the general elections.

However, police have charged the former mayor of Freetown City Council, Herbert George William and Abu Bakarr Daramy, former Public Relation Officer in the Ministry of Agriculture on two counts of conspiracy to murder and murder.

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