Pastor Mambu cautions politicians, others


December 15, 2016 By Andrew Ngebuva (intern)

Founder and General Overseer of the Faith Healing Bible Church, Pastor Francis A. M. Mambu, has strongly  cautioned politicians and other citizens to deviate from indulging into secret societies, stating that it was of no use as it was odd in the sight of God.

“Politicians and all citizens should  deviate from secret societies and stop spending money on ‘devil ‘ activities because it does not worth a life living in the sight of God,” he warned.

Preaching during his usual morning lessons through the Church’s radio station, he emphasised that God did not put mankind on earth for the purpose of joining secret societies.

He stated that many politicians in the country were engaged in stealing huge amount of money from the nation and depositing it in various Bank accounts oversees, using the names of their girlfriends as account owners.

He added that God still encounter man even today as He did in the time of old, urging  people to draw closer to God so that He would bless them and establish them in dominion.
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He stressed that it was completely wrong and unwholesome in the sight of God for man to live a ‘foolish’ life.

Quoting from the Bible in Genesis 6: 6, the cleric stated that Noah found grace and favour in the hands of the Lord for living an exemplary life, because he spent his life wisely.

“Because Noah spent his life very well, he was not destroyed along with other wicked people who were living a reckless life in those days,” he said.

The renowned Pastor said during the lifetime of Noah, people were very ‘reckless’ with their lives without due consideration of God, adding that in Sierra Leone today a lot of people including highly educated men and women were engaged in living a ‘reckless’ life.

“When you maximise your life very well, you would be preserved from evil and save from the punishment of hell. Life is sacred and it’s a vapour,” he noted.

Pastor Mambu stated that stealing from the nation and living a ‘careless’ life was a vanity, stressing the need for the people to serve God and obey Him.

“God has been faithful to mankind and would intervene in all their trials through his the servant, “he said.

He said God wanted his people to occupy high positions in society but must use their positions and influences in the interest of the masses and not in their own selfish interests.

He continued that many politicians in Parliament are religious but do not know God. “Sierra Leoneans are very religious but has no knowledge about God, which is why the country is retrogressing more especially when those at the helm of affairs are very corrupt and engaged in living a flamboyant and careless life.”

“It is a complete nonsense to live an influential life without impacting positively on the lives of others,” he said, adding that all those who had used their influence to persuade others to join secret societies would have to give account of their action before God.

According to him, all those parents and politicians who had initiated their children into secret societies would be held responsible in the sight of God, stressing that any politicians who had also been influencing his community youth into taken prohibited drugs would be held accountable by God on the Day of Judgment.

The ‘Man of God’ noted that life is a blessing, privilege and an asset and not a liability and therefore called on the people to pledge their lives in the glorification of God and service to the church for their own benefit.

He also prayed for the people to encounter God in a new dimension that will catapult them into their blessings and dominions, adding that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.

He noted that a true Christian can still prosper despite the economic situation of the nation, insisting that the plan of God for His people is to prosper. Pastor Mambu further prayed to God to give the leaders of the nation wisdom to govern the country well, so that the people can rejoice.