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Passengers lament unhygienic condition on MV Freetown ferry

N0vember 10, 2016 By Naomi Saffa

Passengers using MV Freetown, the lone ferry that plies between Freetown and Targrin, Lungi, have raised concern over a seeming health hazard pose by unhygienic sanitary facility aboard.

Passengers who spoke to Concord Times complained that the only available lavatory on the ferry is not being properly kept, as stench from human faeces and urine permeate the air.

One of the aggrieved passengers, Ibrahim Kamara, told Concord Times that passengers are unable to flush the toilet after using because of lack of water.

He urged management of the ferry to regularly clean the toilet and make available water for passengers to use.

“The stench from the toilet has started taking over the ferry and many passengers are annoyed with this poor toilet condition. As I am talking to you, I am feeling uncomfortable because of the odour from the toilet,” he said.

However, chairlady of the ferry, Kadie Daboh, blamed passengers for misusing the toilet, insisting that they provide water but many passengers do not flush after using the toilet.

“I am therefore appealing to all passengers to make sure that they use the toilet properly. Water and soap are always placed in front of the toilet and passengers should be making use of them,” she said.

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