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Parliamentary Water committee summons Guma Valley boss

March 2, 20202

By Jariatu S. Bangura

Members of the Parliamentary Oversight Committee on Water Resources have summoned the Director General, Senior Management team and contractors of the Guma Valley Water Company to apprise them on all major projects undertaken by the institution to address the perennial water shortage across the municipality.

In a letter dated 27th February, 2020, addressed to the Director General, the committee also requested the status report of the company’s activities undertaken for the financial year ending 2019 and 2020.

However, water crisis has become an issue of concern to stakeholders especially during the dries, causing lots of problems to school going children and households.

According to reports, water supply in the country was below 40%, and that the latest Multi Clustered Indicators Survey (MICS) report notes that access has improved to a level of 58%.

The Freetown water supply is in a critical situation as it relies principally on a single source, the Guma Dam, with over 90% of the total water supply to Freetown supplied from the Guma Dam Water Treatment Plant.

As a result, Sierra Leoneans collect most of their drinking water from polluted sources which are attributed to some of the health problems in the country.

The Guma Dam was built in the early 1960s to provide water reliably to around 800,000 people, but the current population in Freetown is estimated at 2 million, significantly higher than the original figure.

Inadequate water from municipal systems forces the population to seek informal sources, seriously increasing the hazards to health and the risk of diseases.

However, in the wake of these challenges, the committee had thought it fit to summon stakeholders in the water sector to help address the problems and to also know how far the sector have strived to succeed in supplying adequate water across the municipality.

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